Former Paparazzi Consultant Dianne Hoffman
Former Paparazzi Consultant Dianne Hoffman
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Come Join the Paparazzi Party!

I joined Paparazzi just over two years ago and never thought I would be where I am today.  I am on my way to Life of the Party Platinum!  My sales are growing every day and I'm still loving this after two years.  

There are many reasons why I do this rather than something else.  Here are just a few:

1. I love being able to sell this beautiful jewelry for ONLY $5.  You can have something to wear with every outfit and not spend a fortune.  When you sell the jewelry, you always have items on-hand to  when you need new pieces for an outfit.

2. Obviously, I want to make money selling this.  You purchase the jewelry at a lower cost and pay sales tax on the $5.  Paparazzi pays that sales tax to your state for you.  This is a wonderful thing as I've had to calculate and pay sales tax myself in the past.  It's not fun. You then sell the jewelry for $5 plus tax and make a 45% profit on each piece!  That's quite a bit of profit. 

3.  You can make your own hours AND work from home!  This is the best.  Almost all of my sales are online so I can work while I watch TV, sit at the lake, or sit outside listening to some music.  I can choose what days I want to work and what hours I want to work.  You can also choose how fast and how much you want to grow.  If you just want to do it for fun and some extra cash, you can.  If you want to reach for the stars and keep going, you can.  

4. Once you become a consultant (at least on my team), you become part of a family.  The networking is amazing.  I have met so many wonderful ladies, including my customers and other consultants.  It means so much to me when I get an email from a customer telling me they love their jewelry.  I love to help other consultants and also reach out when I need help or have questions.

5. The tax write-offs are something I didn't even think of when I joined.  My tax refund is actually more than it was before I started this business.  There are many expenses you can claim so if you decide to join, you want to start keeping track of everything right away.  I think this may change this year as my sales are growing so much, but for the first 2 years, it did benefit me when I filed my taxes.  Again, if you join, you have to keep track of those expenses right away.

6.  It's fun!  I never thought I could go live, but I did and now it's so easy.  I work full-time and am very busy so I don't go live as much as I would like, but I really do enjoy it.  Even if no one is watching while I'm live, I keep going and people will watch later.  If you don't want to go live, there are many other ways to sell Paparazzi.  You even get a replicated store and people can purchase right from Paparazzi and you get commission on the sales.  

Feel free to message me with questions.  I'm happy to talk to you by phone, zoom, or just messaging back and forth.  I hope if you do decide to join, you'll join my team.  I would love to help you get to where I am and hopefully even further.

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