Former Paparazzi Consultant Dianne Hoffman
Former Paparazzi Consultant Dianne Hoffman
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All jewelry is lead AND nickel free!

The pieces are made of iron and may include other minerals such as zinc, copper, steel, or aluminum.  So far, I have not found anyone who has had an allergy to Paparazzi jewelry.  Most people who are allergic to costume jewelry are allergic to the nickel. 

Before Paparazzi, I could wear costume jewelry, but by the end of one day, my ears would hurt and be slightly red.  With Paparazzi, I wear these earrings everyday with no redness or soreness.  

If your skin turns green when wearing costume jewelry, that's a different problem.  It's usually due to the acidity level of your body and not the jewelry itself.  This can be caused by medications, diet, or health. 



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