Paparazzi Consultant Dianne Hoffman #261930
Paparazzi Consultant Dianne Hoffman #261930
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I'm happy to be able to make PREORDER items available to you.  These are items that I have ordered from Paparazzi, but they have not arrived yet and may not even be shipped to me yet.  Normally, it takes about a week for these items to get to me, but recently shipping is delayed and it's taking up to a month for me to receive these items.

By ordering a PREORDER item, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

If your order contains PREORDER items, your entire order will be shipped once all items are in stock.  If you want to receive the in stock items earlier, it would be best to create separate orders for those items.  If you decide you want to separate the order later, please message me and I can help you do that.  Additional shipping charges may apply.

In the unlikely event I don't receive the PREORDER item from Paparazzi or if there is damage to the product, you will receive a full refund for that item.  All remaining items will be shipped to you.


I am now starting to add expected arrival dates for the PREORDER items, but these are just estimated and could change.